A customer engagement framework
for modern applications

Elarian lets you start for free, and pay as you grow. Signup and start working with customer data in minutes! Metered plans deliver unlimited capacity without any configuration, so your apps may scale seamlessly.


For personal projects and hobby applications

Free forever*

  • Monthly Active Users - 1k/month

  • Engagement Credits - 10k/month

  • Fragment Minutes

    • Small - 10k minutes/month
Pay As You Grow

For scaling applications and developer teams

Usage from free plan included*

  • Monthly Active Users - $0.07/user

  • Engagement Credits - $24/10k credits

  • Fragment Minutes

    • Small - $0.003/minute
    • Medium - $0.006/minute
    • Large - $0.012/minute

Metering Details

Elarian bills your usage based on the resources consumed by your account.

Monthly Active Users
An active customer is represented by a unique number your application has engaged with within a billing cycle. For example, if you send a message to a customer with the number +254712345678 and receive a message from the same customer, your monthly active customer count will be one(1).
Engagement Credits
Engagement credits track how much your application is engaging your active customers. For example, if you send three messages to a single customer, your engagement credits would have increased with every message you sent.
Fragment Minutes
Fragment minutes track how long your deployed code has been running on our infrastructure. You can deploy code on a small, medium, or large fragment, and each of them has its per minute rate.

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