Build Scalable, Personalized Applications.

Elarian is a customer engagement framework that helps you build robust applications with the customer as the unit of abstraction.

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Build Better, Faster.

Elarian lets you do customer-centric development that is scalable, reactive and has low infrastructure needs.

Customer State & Engagement Management

Track and build engagement around a single customer's state & journey without the implementation overhead.

  • A record of everything your application has done with a customer.
  • Scalable key-value store for customer state.
  • Each state handler written from the perspective of a single customer.
  • Manage engagement related and non-engagement related customer state.

Programmable Customer Objects

Powerful, programmatic access of customer data
so you can see the bigger picture.

  • Access a readily-available cache of customer engagements.
  • Simplify targeted engagement and decision making.
  • Easily initiate engagements on segmented customers through configured providers.

Boost Developer Productivity

To engage customers, you interact with just one thing - Elarian.

  • Coding against customer data makes it more efficient to write, reason about, maintain and organize code.
  • Abstract away communication protocols - you have commands at your disposal.
  • Build and test products a lot faster by significantly reducing the amount of code you write.

Scale Management

Engage new customers without adding any new resources to manage customer data & analytics infrastructure.

Elarian takes care of the plumbing so that you can focus on writing code!

  • As your customers scale, Elarian bears the load of maintaining profiles, caches, state and event-handling for each customer.
  • A serverless backend, allowing fullstack engineers to easily build and support applications in production.
  • Worry less about performance, storage and optimization. Build more complex flows.

What can you build with Elarian?

Here are some examples.

Microfinance app

Imagine you're running a lending company. You need a simple system to allow your customers to request loans, receive funds in their mobile money wallets, pay back their loans, and receive occasional reminders about their loans.

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Bank app

Imagine a bank that wants to expose services via the ATM and USSD. They want to track users' activity as they transact and run SMS surveys once a user completes a transaction.

View on github

Loyalty program app

Imagine you're running a very successful mobile app. You want to run a loyalty program where you track users' activity on your app and reward them with points that you later translate into mobile money payments.

View on github

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